Are you an Athena Mentor student heading off to college? We’re so proud of you!!!

Today’s newsletter is dedicated to each and every one of you who studied hard, spent long hours on your application essays and rollercoastered your way through months and months of preparation for this moment: You’re off to college!

In the video below, an international school graduate shares what he found most and least important to pack for his return to his Ivy League university.

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Athena Advises

It’s somebody else’s turn to give advice today! I hope you took notes! I love to let other students tell you about their experiences as successful college applicants.

And if you’re wondering why this student’s advice is relevant in the Era of the iPhone–allow me to mention that you really don’t want to find yourself throwing your smartphone across the room one early morning.

Are you still yearning for the happy day when it’s your turn to pack for the adventure of college? Stay tuned! You’ll get there! The Athena Mentor newsletter is coming your way with tips and encouragement.

Wishing you every success,

Dr. Marlena Corcoran
Founder and CEO