Hi! Everybody ready for a brand-new school year? Click on the image for my personal perspective, from my recent visit to the Harvard Club of New York.

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Athena Advises

Those of you who attend international schools face a special challenge at the beginning of school. No, it’s not Physics Higher Level, or even Theory of Knowledge.

It’s about making new friends.

The student population of an international school shifts from year to year, as families move. Your best friend from last year may have moved to the other side of the earth. Or maybe you are the one who just landed!

And if you are one of the lucky Athena Mentor students heading off to college, you may be wondering, “What if I made a terrible mistake?” You may even wonder, “What if they admitted me by mistake? Everyone will laugh at me!”

Well, one of the magical things about the first days of college is that about one quarter of the student body has no friends. That’s right! The entire first-year class is new! You’re all in the same boat!

So watch the video.

Wishing you new friendships that last a lifetime,


Dr. Marlena Corcoran
Founder and CEO