You can’t drag 100 pounds of books with you on fall break! Try this instead.

Spoiler alert! Writing asinine sentences will not help you! And if you don’t know what “asinine” means, please look it up!

Athena Advises

No one can learn 500 words in a night—but anyone can learn two words per day. At that rate, you will learn 712 new words per year!

For many of you, that would mean doubling your vocabulary!

If you line things up properly, you can grab a note card or printed sheet with a few vocabulary words, and get your two words done in a few short minutes. Where? On the plane! On the school bus! While you’re waiting for the bell to ring for class!

The method in the video has special appeal for those of you who will be traveling on vacation, and it is also useful to those of you who are practicing no longer wasting those odds and ends of time in a day.

I’d call the payoff of 712 new words rather attractive!

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Dr. Marlena Corcoran
Founder and CEO