Surprise! The Athena Mentor College Admissions Workbook 2018 is now out in paperback. It’s available on and many other national Amazon sites. To celebrate, we’re offering a CyberMonday deal: the Kindle edition of the workbook is available on Monday for only 99 U.S. cents, or the equivalent in local currency.

Athena Advises

Are you a college applicant frantically trying to keep track of everything you must submit to each college? Turn right to the “Master List of Submissions.”

Are you a worried parent, tired of asking your teenager, “Did you remember to send your ACT score to every college that asked for it?” The data is on the chart.

Are you an 11th grader wondering, “What are my chances of getting in to Stanford?” Turn to: “Who got in? Will I get in?”

Younger students, check out the very first review on the back cover: “My 9th-grade son is reading this now. What better review can I give.”

Both the Kindle and the paperback editions come with a free fillable PDF file. Download this file and keep track of everything in digital form.

You do NOT need a Kindle device to read the Kindle edition. Right below the image of the book on the Kindle site is a box that says: “Read on Any Device: Get free Kindle app.” Download the application, and you can read any of the thousands of books available on the Amazon Kindle website. You can read the workbook on your laptop, your tablet or even your phone!

The Kindle edition on

The paperback edition on

If you find the workbook helpful, PLEASE leave a review on Amazon! It’s easy! Instructions are at the end of the book–and one sentence is fine. If you see ways in which the workbook can be improved, we’d be very happy to hear from you! Send a message to:

We are very excited about the workbook and we hope you will be, too!


Dr. Marlena Corcoran
Founder and CEO