From Madrid to the Philippines, Spanish is the native language of hundreds of millions of people today, It is the language of nineteen countries in Latin America. According to the Cervantes Institute, 21 million people are studying Spanish in school!

In the video below, Athena Mentor reports from the Cervantes Institute in . . . New York. There’s a Cervantes Institute in many cities of the world, and the people there would love to include you in the culture of Spain!

How can you get the most out of your years of studying Spanish? Try this:

Athena Advises

You may have signed up for Spanish after a particularly pleasurable sojourn on Mallorca. Perhaps you’re thinking that you’d love to communicate with the 25% of New Yorkers who are Spanish-speaking.

Wait! The Spanish language is good for more than chat! Watch the video to learn what really goes on at the Cervantes Institute in midtown Manhattan. Quick, now: Who was Cervantes?

A note to those of you who smugly observe that residents of the United States are linguistically backward: only half of New Yorkers (51%, according to WNYC radio, and they should know) speak only English at home.


Dr. Marlena Corcoran
Founder and CEO